The best way to Buy Vintage Jewelry at Thrift Merchants

Some of the best places to uncover great vintage costume jewelry usually are thrift shops. You’ve seen this big stores – Goodwill, Answer Army, Savers… and then you will discover the charity shops run by means of churches and non-profits. All advisors receive donated jewelry, and I’ve noted some amazing pieces in thrift merchants. It seems to me which the larger chain shops have better prices versus smaller charity shops, but it truly depends on who is pricing the jewelry whenever they put it out for sales. Some shop employees are incredibly savvy about values, but some aren’t and in addition they often price jewelry very small. Maybe they figure that if it may not be real gold it isn’t value much. Good for us!

Thrift shop shopping has lost the stigma of being just junk shops or places the spot that the down-and-out shop.

A great tip is usually to become friendly with the staff on the shops that you visit. One clerk lets me rummage throughout the jewelry bins before she charges them and puts them out on a lawn. Another lets me know when they get a large number of jewelry donated.

Find out in the event the shop has their specials. One store around my town has a 30% Senior citizen discount on Wednesdays. Guess which often day is my shopping time!

Sometimes the shop management will put a large number of jewelry in a plastic case and sell the bag for just a fixed price. If you uncover these, examine the bag as closely as you’re able – you won’t be allowed to open it, and there’s many junk in there, mostly issues that didn’t sell, and often many plastic Mardi Gras beads. I bought these bags more than once, and it was fun sorting through everything, but I wound up donating most of it into a nursing home for crafts initiatives. I have found a few really nice pieces that way, but I don’t think ıt had been really worth the time in addition to trouble.

Most thrift shops employ a glass case where they maintain better stuff. Ask to view pieces that interest you, in addition to examine them closely. Look closely for the racks where they usually dangle the cheaper stuff. I found a silver Native American belt buckle, that has a turquoise stone in it and signed because of the artist, hanging in a zip lock bag using a rack. I bought it intended for $2. 80 and sold the item on eBay for $52! It had been badly tarnished, but I polished it up and it also was beautiful.

There always look like lots of watches in these cases. Beware of copies connected with famous makes, and buy only name brands you recognize. Make sure the band was in good condition and we now have no scratches on the ravenscroft. The watch probably won’t possibly be working, so plan to spend $5 to $7 for just a battery. If you’re buying intended for resale, be sure to include the money necessary for a battery to see should the watch is worth buying. You’re getting a chance there – it might not exactly work even after a completely new battery is installed.

Whether you are buying jewelry for your collection or for resale, there are various things to look for as soon as examining thrift shop jewelry.

1. Ailment, condition, condition: You are going to see all kinds of jewelry in lots of condition. Look for broken clasps, missing out on stones, worn metal finishes, in addition to any green material on silver tone jewelry. The green material is corrosion, and it are not cleaned off. Pass on that you. Check that stone settings usually are tight, and if they may not be, be careful with the piece – you must be able to tighten them. If the piece is dirty you possibly can clean it. Bring a jeweler’s loupe or strong magnifying glass to help you to examine the piece closely.

3. Is the piece signed? The name within the back of a pin or maybe earring, on the clasp of any necklace or bracelet, or when using earring clip is the “signature” on the designer. Signed pieces can you have to be valuable than unsigned, but there are many many “unsigned beauties” in existence. Look for the name, and if you experience a copyright symbol ©, actually the piece was made soon after about 1955. No symbol – maybe you have a real vintage portion. Look for the numbers 925 on silver jewelry – actually it’s sterling silver, and should the price is right, you’ve bought a steal.

3. Price: It’s hard to get a price on thrift retail outlet jewelry – the cheaper, the higher quality, of course! I try not to ever spend more than $3 for just a pin, bracelet, necklace or two of earrings. You might come all over something really spectacular that prices more, and if you think you possibly can profit from it, or you choose it for yourself, go ahead and buy it. A good rule connected with thumb when shopping thrift merchants is this: If you think it’s great but aren’t sure, set by yourself a limit, say $5. If it happens to be not so great, you’re not out a whole lot. As mentioned, some thrift shop employees uncover more about jewelry, and will price some pieces too high that you sell and make a benefit. But there seems to be some employee turnover in these merchants, so the next person pricing jewelry will not be as knowledgeable.

After Christmas is an effective time to pick up Yuletide jewelry. Some shops will mark down holiday items to lose them, other shops just retail store them away for next season.

I love shopping at thrift shops – just as Forrest Gump’s box of chocolate, you never know what you will definitely get. Every trip is a display hunt. Some days are sleek pickin’s, but some days are rewarding. Just yesterday I got 10 portions for $15 – several are silver, and one piece may possibly be jade – I’m still undecided.

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