Our Power Mall Business Evaluation

I have looked at many on-line money making opportunities over the last 10 years and very few are actually truly free or that actually provides a services or products that would be of benefit in my opinion. Today I am looking at my Power Mall (MPM).

Right here is the basic information. You will have a free power mall when you join. You will receive a rebate on your purchases. You can give away no cost power malls to anyone and you will probably receive a commission on all purchase approximately 9 tier levels deep. You will receive each of the tools needed to become successful as part of your new business.

Sounds good thus far, but then all of them do sound good inside sales letter. The first thing I checked out is there any store inside system that I would truly use? Having the ability to buy on-line at a bagel store in Nebraska may not be of benefit to us. You have the ability to buy on-line at places like Sears, Goal, PETsMART, Starbucks, Hickory Farms, Ralph Lauren, Overstock, Wes Marine, Previous Navy, OfficeMax, Gap, Circuit Area, and K Mart just to name many of the over 1000 of stores available so you receive rebates on everything you acquire.

I shop at some in the stores listed and when I looked for the large price markup on those things for sale I could certainly not find any. I have seen other on-line stores that improve the price per item so high to pay for the commissions paid that anyone that does any sort of price comparison would never look at that on-line store unless he / she lived in a very small town plus the nearest store was over 50 mls away. That type of opportunity would limit my audience and I would get few if any commissions on income.

Is it really free? If I’ve got to spend 30 bucks or so a month to maintain an active account i then do not consider that possiblity to be free. If I have to purchase some kind of mailing list or do any advertising to secure a minimum number of people listed under me to maintain our active status then again it’s not at all free.

Does My Power Nearby mall have any qualification minimums? Nope, no mandatory minimums, no get togethers, no selling required, no activity requirements plus the company guaranties that their will not be any. If you examine what they are offering you will see why this is true. Merely one on-line store exists.

Everyone that features a power mall uses the same list of computer programs and one and only thing different is your ID number has used to determine who gets commission to the sale. Once you set up a database to monitor member ID numbers it is just not much more costly to monitor 1 member as it is to monitor 100, 000 members. No programming staff is forced to help members customize the shopping centers or extra computer space to keep up all of the different shopping centers. No approval process, as soon as you sign up you will possess your mall ID within a few moments.

No selling. This is right presents itself my list of things that I do not need to do. I hate selling. I don’t want to mail out sales letters to all involving my friends or even people I are not aware of. I like to write articles and I truly do have web sites for our articles on allergies, heart ailment, diamond and so on. When I write an content on allergies or diamonds I truly do not tell the reader you will want to go out and purchase this specific vitamin because, or go to the present jewelry store and buy precious gems. I like to write article that includes useful or interesting information. I do put adds for a few vitamin companies or jewelry companies on my websites and if the reader would like to purchase something then great and I truly do get a commission on your sales.

This may give away my age but a long time ago I went to The united kingdom on business. I was out with a lot of people from work and the topic of blue jeans came up. When asked what number of blue jeans I owned I told them I had created about 6 pairs. Right out they thought I was prosperous. Why, because at that time blue jeans were very hard to come by in England and were looking for about $150 each. My charge was about $30. I distributed them my blue jeans pertaining to $100 each.

American products are still very hard to come by in a lot of unusual countries. My Power Mall group has made arrangements which has a company to send almost everything they sell to just with regards to any country. It will cost extra to the shipping and the customs paperwork but if the customer from Uruguay wants to acquire Craftsman tools from Sears it is usually done.

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