Nokia 1600 Tiny and Light Phone

The new Nokia 1600 model mobile coming from the lineage of the Finnish mobile tycoon Nokia can be an entry-level phone. The chrome detailing and lightweight size makes this handset a light weighted cellular phone that is comfortable to keep in had and slips in to the pocket.

The easy to use keypad is put into two sections making it comfortable for your user to scroll the 4-way important. The attraction of the handset could be the user interface that is graphic. It is simple to use and makes good usage of small color display. The Nokia 1600 phone can be a best choice for the users who are seeking a handset which basically can be a phone than other luxuries. Inside simple words, this model handset from may be called as a similar spec for the Nokia 1110; but has any color screen that 1110 didn’t have. Another important difference between the 2 mobile is that, the Nokia 1600 model cell handset lacks the changeable covers with the 1110 model from Nokia.

The Nokia 1600 phone handset guarantees a fantastic battery life, but the storage capacity for numbers and SMS messages is bound. This model handset also gets the facility to play MP3 band tones. The mobile is able to displaying 65, 536 colors together with 96 x 68 pixels. This handset is able to playing 20-voice polyphonic ring hues with MP3 grade sound. The mobile phone comes with a integrated hands free speaker rendering it comfortable for the user to produce a call without holding the handset inside the hand.

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